ProSpex® | Plus 3.5" Square

Plus 3.5" Pyramidal

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Plus 3.5" Square

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Plus 3.5" Square Wallwash

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Plus Multi

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Plus Multi Wallwash

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Plus 3.5" Square architecturally designed programme of downlights with Square and Pyramidal trim plates.

Matching Pyramidal Wallwash.

Downlight and accent fixtures with matching wallwash in flangless or flanged versions for a range of LED sources including Lucents own LED50 and Xicato and Soraa modules and lamps.

The Plus range features gear driven dual axis adjustment that allows hot aiming and also remains fully locked in focus throughout.

Plus NL (Non-Locking) is available where this hot aiming feature is not required.

Plus Square is available with the aperture in various finishes such as bronze, copper, gold and silver.

Multiple flangeless installation kit allowing up to 3 fixtures to be installed within one housing affording a seamless appearance between fixtures.